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storeethic,Mini Rodini,Basic græn tiger beanie húfa ?id=13670088278103

Basic græn tiger beanie húfa

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This double-layered beanie is styled from soft Tencel™ lyocell with comfort stretch and an all-over tiger print in green and black. It has a fold-up edge and a panda label at front. The double layered construction hides the seams for comfortable wear.

The beanie is part of Mini Rodini's basic series updated with a seasonal print. These soft and sustainable staples are easy to combine with your wardrobe favourites.

• Mini Rodini’s logo and information about size are printed on the inside of the fabric to avoid any annoyance that might arise from a sewn-on label
• 95 % Tencel™ lyocell, 5 % elastane
• Made in Portugal

Tencel™ lyocell is a 100 % biodegradable material made of certified wood from spruce and beech. It is manufactured in a unique closed-loop system, where no chemicals are leaked into nature. Lyocell production requires much less use of water and land area compared to cotton and viscose. Besides being a pioneer in the textile industry, lyocell is a durable, yet soft material with a silky feel.